Here is the detailed case study of CPA offer i tried using Bing ad Network (A Paid traffic source)

For clarity purposes, i will start off by explaining what CPA is all about.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action; this is a business model most companies are using nowadays to generates leads, and sales in the back-end. In this method unlike click-bank, people we are targeting do not necessarily need to buy the product or services before commission is triggered, by merely performing simple actions like entering emails, phone number, zip code, filling shorts form, one could earn you good commission as an affiliate, and at the back-end, the companies we helped to generate leads will work on those leads for more sales. At this point, it is none of our business what is going on at the back-end,  ours is specifically to entice them (users) to fill or complete the CPA offers and we get paid, hope understood? if so Kudos!

Now, what is CPA Network? These are companies or networks that provide those offers that the affiliates promote,  fundamentally, they act as middlemen between the affiliate and the main companies.

CPA Network I Used: Maxbounty
The Reason I chose this network is that they pay weekly, they are newbie friendly too, especially during the application phase.

During the promotion period, I promoted several offers from maxbounty, under the following niches:

Dating, biz opportunity or work from home, weight loss (garcinia cambogia), survey offers, freebie offers.


Traffic Source: Bing & Yahoo Ad Network

Why Bing Ad?
The Bing Ad Network is similar to the Big G (Google) but cheaper when it comes to CPC (cost per click). For instance, 5 dollars per click on Google could cost you 0.23 cent or less on the bing ad.

The traffic is good quality, humans clicking and not bots

Bing ad campaign stat as below

Subsequent actions i took to set up campaign on bing ad

1. For keyword research, i used bing keyword tool (this tool is found within the bing ad dashboard), and secondly, i used google keyword planner to search for keywords i bidded on.

2. I allowed the above campaigns to run for some days to enable me to gather data for proper optimization.

Optimization Techniques Used:
1. On the bing ad dashboard, I paused or deleted  some keywords generating clicks but no lead, this practice is usually done to lower our ad expenses

2. But I increased the bidding amount of some keywords generating click and leads,  which is the "winning keyword". I call these winning keywords because they are the keywords people are actually searching for and taking actions.


Final Result and Earning:

Just remember that this guide can not guarantee you earnings, rather, it will help you to learn the best practices, the art and science behind setting up campaigns, so doing you can leverage the info here and create a successful campaigns for yourself.


Final Note: You too can duplicate my result, or even do better as long as you are taking actions, so get the ball rolling!

My Name is Dr. Chris Uchi

I am an internet marketer, entrepreneur, and teacher. I love what I do because it gives me freedom and sustainable income to survive, anywhere, anytime.