Here is the detailed case study of maxbounty CPA offer i tried using PLENTYOFFISH (POF) as the traffic source

What is POF? PlentyOfFish is an online dating service, popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, and the United States.

Offers Promoted on this site: Dating offer like match senior and Russian dating offer.

Reason For Choosing POF: Quality traffic

The Downside of POF: The Traffic is impression-based, so only captivating text ads or banners will be noticed or clicked by the surfers, and whether there is click or not you will be charged as long as the impression is delivered.

Special Note: 
1. Not all offers convert or work well on POF, in fact, POF being a dating website itself will not approve ads competing with their dating services, so the best way to go about this is to find a niche dating offer if you are keen in promoting dating offer on POF platform, niche dating offers like Chinese dating offers, Russian dating offer, and Gays dating offers, this kind of offers do well on POF, but again, you have to test and target well using their targeting options

2. Most times, amateur images work best for the creatives

Used Creatives and Ads Copy:



Landing Page Used:


The Reason i used the lander than direct linking:
Apart from the generic offer page,  using lander is considered a very good practice as this is one of the ways you can speak directly to your audience once they clicked on the ads, as in preselling to them. You do this by telling them the benefits of the offer, this will spur them to take action; by preconditioning their mind on what to expect (benefits) once the lander call to action button is clicked.

In the lander or the landing page,  you must have noticed some text benefits on the right, bold headline,  image of a man and a woman that are together and having a goof or quality time together, and of course call to action button, those  are all elements of a good landing page

I used Bevo media to track the above campaign because i wished to pinpoint which banner or creative is getting more clicks, and where am getting my conversions from. Another good tracker to get started with is BeMob.

Note that our objective is to get many or reasonable clicks, because reasonable clicks equal good conversion, and of course lowers our Cost per click.

Maxbounty Report Earning: The match senior offer and the Russian offer

I was not so successful with this campaign because i did not give it the proper time it needed due to Exams, but at least i tried it and saw some earnings, only that it lacked the time and proper optimization strategies due to tight schecules then.

Just remember that this guide can not guarantee you earnings, rather, it will help you to learn the best practices, the art and science behind setting up campaigns, so doing you can leverage the info here and create a successful campaigns for yourself.


Final Note: You too can duplicate my result, or even do better as long as you are taking actions, so get the ball rolling!

My Name is Dr. Chris Uchi

I am an internet marketer, entrepreneur, and teacher. I love what I do because it gives me freedom and sustainable income to survive, anywhere, anytime.